KODAK 3D Printing


KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

The new standard in professional 3D Printing.

Built for productivity

Portrait is a reliable manufacturing system, capable of producing end-use parts in a wide variety of materials. Its solid steel structure, quality components and careful design result in a high uptime with low maintenance costs.

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Performance at its peak

Our dual extruder solution permits printing more complex objects with a better surface finish. Achieve high speed without sacrificing print accuracy.

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Meet the KODAK 3D Printing Ecosystem

Although open to using third-party filament, Portrait’s cartridges and enclosed chamber prevent KODAK 3D Printing Filament from absorbing humidity or dust, while enabling our sensors and software to fully control the printing process.

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A perfect fit for the classroom, office or industrial environment

Safe and transparent, the Portrait’s built-in camera, multi-language touchscreen and full connectivity gives you remote supervision of your device and of user activity.

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Fully-enclosed chamber

Controls the printing environment and reduces warping when printing large objects.

Color light signal

Interior color lighting indicates the printer’s state and any need of user intervention, even at a distance.

End-of-filament sensor

with optional continuation from the second extruder.


Air filtration system eliminates odors and microscopic particles. A secondary thermistor prevents the hotends from overheating.

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Wi-Fi, USB pendrive and a great integration with email, file sharing services and social networks.


Online resources, troubleshooting guides, replacement parts and knowledgeable technical assistance.

Data Sheet

Print volume 200 x 200 x 250 mm / 8" x 8" x 10"
Extruders Dual extruders with tilting nozzles, available in different sizes and materials with quick exchange mechanism
Chamber Fully enclosed with temperature monitoring
Smoothieboard 5XC, 32 bit
Screen Multi-language color touch screen
5” HDMI screen, 800x480 resolution
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB pendrive, multi-user features and integration with email, file sharing services and social networks
Camera 5mpx
Calibration and leveling Automatic
Internal lights Color LEDs, indicate printer status
End-of-filament sensor With optional continuation from the second extruder
Processors Raspberry Pi 3
Smoothieboard 5XC, 32 bit
Heated bed Aluminum
Filament compatibility Open to third party filament, with 2 hermetically closed cases for KODAK 3D Printing Filament
Power supply 12V 30A 300W switching, selectable 110V / 220V
Physical dimensions 455 x 433 x 451 mm / 18" x 17" x 18"
Weight 27 Kg / 60 Lbs
All specifications are subject to change in the final product